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Promotional Gifts at RegaloEmpresas

RegaloEmpresas is a company site in Barcelona specialized in Promotional Products and Business and Corportate Gifts. If you are looking for promotional products or business gifts, you have come to the right place. The truth is that you have a lot of decisions to take every day. But, for RegaloEmpresas, we only have to decide the best promotional product for you, for your company, for your business. Your order will be cared by a team who will do the best to get your perfect personalized gift.

We show you a range of promotional products that you can personalized using the best brandings techniques for objects of metal, plastic, leather and wood.

Personalized Memory Sticks

Memory Sticks or USB Pendrives are one of the most popular, useful and interesting promotional gifts. We can provide your Flashdrives and Memory stick branded with your logo or image using laser engraving, screen printing or embossing, as you prefer.

Conference Bags

Whether you are organizing an exhibition, meeting, product launch or any corporate event, and you need a conference bag for your attendants, you should visit this section. We can supply your Conference Bag or Conference Satchel along with any other personalized product that you may require. Conference bags can be manufactured in several materials as leather, polyester or nylon, all of which would be personalized to your company requirement.

Promotional watches

If you need a special promotional gift for your customer, you could think in a personalized watches branded with your logo. Visit this section and you will find a lot of possibilities and ideas. Enjoy and ask for your quotation without obligation.

Promotional Pens

Looking to create a great first impression to potential customers? Promotional pens, complete with your logo and business message, can be your perfect promotional gift. How often in a day do you use a pen? Think about what having your message and company name promoted to your customer that many times a day could do for your business. Find our range of pens and ask for a quick quote.